I Don’t Believe In Falling In Love. However, I Fall In Love With Every Girl I Fuck!

Falling in love

I have observed and it amazes me – the people eat same food every day for long time! It is as good as falling in love, getting married, fucking the same girl each day, and living a happily (Boring!) life

For This Drink, I Owe You A Fuck

pick up a girl

SOHO, the Pub, named after the neighborhood in lower Manhattan, located at 2nd Avenue, 33rd St. in rumpling New York City, has been my favorite week end place to have couple of drinks and to pick up a girl. Last

People Dress To Impress Women, I Undress To Impress!

How to impress a woman

It’s human nature. People want to be remembered, people want to be appreciated, people want to be respected, and people want to be loved. It happens when you impress others. Knowingly or unknowingly, people always try to do it. In

Why Is Pussy A Vegetarian Food!

Oral sex tips

As it is said – If you love Pizza, you love pussy! Most of the men love oral sex and most of the women love men lick and suck their pussies. The act of licking and sucking is called eating

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