The Pussy Should Smell As Good A Perfume And Taste As Good As A Dessert!

how to make vagina smells and tastes better

Every woman looks different, every woman smells different, and every woman tastes different over the time.

Some of the women smell and tastes good and some don’t. Now, good and bad is a personal point of view.

What I like, someone else may not like it.

I remember…

Long back, one of my Indian friends asked me:- “Heard… you guys do lots of ORAL… ”

“Absolutely right…”I replied:-“We love going down on a woman. In fact, we start with ORAL… and I believe you Indian people don’t do it…”

“Yea, we don’t… we feel it’s disgusting… ”After disdain, he asked curiously:-”By the way, you must be doing it after washing and cleaning the spot properly…”

“No…”I said instantly: – “We don’t clean… cos if we clean, we lose the scent and the taste… ”

“What the fuck!” His reaction was repulsive.

Now, “We don’t clean” doesn’t mean we lick and suck DIRTY and GRUBBY pussy.

We don’t clean” means we don’t go down on a woman immediately after cleaning and washing. The reason is the natural scent and the original taste that raise the heat in the body get washed away. So wash and clean the pussy. Leave it for few hours. Let the natural scent and the original taste get accumulated inside. For a man, the musky pungent scent of wet skin is aphrodisiac and the salty and fishy taste is intoxicating. The combination helps the heat rise in the body. You have instant solid and throbbing hard on.

Everyone knows that pussy doesn’t smell like a perfume and taste like a dessert.

However, shave your pussy at regular interval, douched it with vinegar and hot water before few hours of licking and sucking. Make a habit of washing the pussy twice a day at least with hot water. A clean and healthy pussy always smells as good as perfume and tastes as good as dessert.

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How To Make Quick Fuck More Exciting!

standing doggy style quick fuck

It’s my experience that Quick Fuck is little different from normal sex.

If it’s handled and managed skilfully, it can be an exciting experience.

The most stimulating factor of Quick Fuck is fear of being caught, as it happens at any time of the day and at any place around your surroundings.

There are few factors that have been associated with these kinds of quickies


Time has two parameters, duration of the time and the part of the day.

The reasonable duration that can give you maximum excitement is around 10 minutes. As it happens on the go, you really can’t choose the time. However, after afternoon and before falling night, 10 minutes of Quickie is an ideal excitement.


Location should be nearest to the place where you get the chance.

Restaurant’s restrooms are good but they have high frequency. Bus depots and railway station restrooms are bigger in size and have low frequency. Beaches with trees are comparatively good option if it happens after falling dark. Train journey is one of the best, as action in motion is always enjoyable.


The best way to have exciting quick fuck is Standing Doggy Style.

After light kissing, let the girl stand against the wall. From behind her, flap her skirt up and pull her panty down. Unzip your trouser and get your dick out.

Tell her to keep her legs closed tight to make the penetration tighter.

Push her upper torso and let her bend and jut her ass to your dick.

Rub your finger on her clit for few seconds to make her wet and ready for the action.

Start with rubbing your dick on her clit for a minute or two and then penetrate inside her pussy and keep on thrusting. She will also cooperate and thrust back to get into motion which will make the penetration deep and movements faster.

You can double the pleasure by holding and squeezing her breasts in your hands.

Keep your action in motion till you get liquid of life out inside her.

As you are done, help her clean and get back to normal.

Make sure that quick fuck should not be taken seriously. It should be funny, ridiculous, and out and out adventurous.

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I Love Sex More Than Anything Else In The World!

sex blog, erotic blog,

I love sex.

I love everything about it.

I love thinking about sex. I love thinking about the woman I like. I love the feeling of being with a woman. I love to touch and feel a woman. I love to embrace a woman. I love her soft breasts that get pressed against my chest.  I love the curvaceous body of a woman. I love to run my fingers through woman’s hair.  I love sweeping my hand all over her body that races my heart beats. I love to unbutton and undress her. I love to touch her naked body. I love to kiss her on her lips, on her tits, on her stomach, on her navel, on her pelvic, and her wet pussy.

I love her intoxicating gesture.

I love getting hard on.

I love to take her on the bed.

I love her to hold and suck my dick. I love to hide my face between her long legs and lick her wet pussy, especially clitoris. I love the pungent smell of her pussy that makes me intoxicated. I love few minutes of sixty nine, which prepares me to fuck harder.

Kissing along her thighs, I love getting away from her pussy. I love my wet dick taking out from her mouth.

I love we kiss each other and get wild on the bed.

I love her to insert my hard and wet dick into her pussy. I love her moaning. I love to push, pull, push, thrust, and keep on thrusting.

I love to hear her groan. I love when she lifts her body up. I love to be in motion when in emotions. I love to speed up the thrusting. I love to pound her like a piston. I love the breathing being faster. I love to keep on thrusting. I love to be on highest speed of thrusting. I love the whole of ocean of emotions inside me take a shape of huge wave and flinging out of me. I love to empty the liquid of life inside the pussy.  I love to feel the orgasm. I love to see her getting orgasm and feeling sigh of relief. I love to slow down. I love to love her a lot. I love to kiss all over her naked body.  I love to wipe between her legs and kiss her pussy.

After sex, I love the weariness of life leaving from existence.

I love to be enveloped by her hands and legs, which I believe the ultimate joy of life.

Without love and sex, life is incomplete.

If I am not being loved by woman and if I don’t sleep with a woman, then I feel I am not living at all.

Sex is my basic need as good as food, air, and water.

I am not a kinky or a sex maniac but there is more urge to be loved and having sex in me than anybody else.

And, that’s the reason I love sex more than anything else in the world.

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Eat Good & Fuck Good, The Ultimate Philosophy of Life

philosophy of life, meaning of life

The other night, a question was born in my mind. (I have no idea, who the hell fucked my head!!!)

The question was: Why we are born and what the hell we are doing on this planet?

After extensive thinking, I found the answer.

The answer is our life cycle.

Our life cycle is something like this:

We get birth… We grow up… We start eating… We go to school and get educated… We start working… We find the partner… We fuck…  We work more…  We get married… We fuck harder… We produce kids… We keep on eating… We keep on fucking… Our kids grow up… They do what we did…

That’s what we do in life. And that’s the way; the cycle of life goes on…

If you analyze the cycle of life or “Karma” of our life, you can find ONLY two main activities in life:

  1. To preserve our health, we eat good
  2. To experience the ultimate  joy of life, we fuck good

By the way, both of the activities are co related. Without good health, you cannot have good fuck.

As a result, after putting lots of thoughts, I came to the conclusion that we don’t do anything else more than “Eat Good & Fuck Good” in life.

At this point, I remember one of my friends called Sattu, who used to tell me: – “If you really want to be happy in life, keep your “Baburao” (Dick) strong and ready everytime… you never know when you get a chance to use it…“

I liked his philosophy of being happy by keeping “Baburao” strong and ready.  My philosophy is also running on the similar line.

Therefore, no matter wherever I go, no matter whatever I do – I always “Eat Good & Fuck Good”. That’s the philosophy of my life.

What’s your philosophy of life?

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What Is Relationship

What is relationshipIf we recollect our mythological scripture, we will learn that God created a “Man” and then to identify with that “Man”, God was compelled to produce a “Woman”.

When that “Man’ and “Woman” lived together, the term “Relationship” was born.

Since then, “Relationship” has been remained the base of our existence.

We all are living and alive because we are related to each other.

When I talk about relationship, I would love to talk about some of the elements of relationship such as:

  • Fascination of First Sight (sows the seed of sex…),
  • Chemistry of Attraction (pulls near to sex…),
  • Reason of Infatuation (obviously sex…),
  • Language of Eyes (Sexish…),
  • Warmth of Embrace (heats you up for sex…),
  • Fragrance of Breath (sex smells good…),
  • Taste of Lips (first step for sex…),
  • Tangles of Hair (helps in sex…),
  • Curves of Body (help you get ready for sex…),
  • Intoxication of Perspiration (every drop counts…),
  • Expression of Feelings (always sexy…),
  • Sweetness of Waiting (it takes time to have sex…),
  • Tenderness of Petals (it is like two petals…),
  • Price of Obsession (anything for sex…),
  • Size of Dreams (nothing bigger than sex…),
  • Rapture of Marriage (you need sex every day…),
  • Euphoria of Love (love means sex…),
  • Bond of Relationship (sex bonds very strong…),
  • Pain of Heartbreak (it’s painful, if you don’t get sex…),
  • Twinge of Parting Away (when sex is not enjoyable…),
  • Heat of Tears (sex is hot…),
  • Sound of Cry (heard between the legs…), and ultimately
  • Ultimate Joy of Orgasm (the real end of sex…), and much more…

Just like these… as I go ahead, you will find me talking about private elements of relationship in public. These private elements that attract a man – a woman and take them to ultimate level of bliss, which is called FUCK!. Believe me; my point of views will be so spicy that you won’t be able to stand the heat between your legs.

So stay tuned to sExciting roller coaster ride!

I’ll see you soon….

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My Name Is Johny, Johny Santangelo


My name is Johny, Johny Santangelo…

Sounds like Bond, James Bond…

James Bond used to be spy. However, I work with Techratis in New York, one of the biggest social media marketing firms in United States of America.

There are some similarities between James Bond and me…

With SINGLE status, we both love beautiful girls and we both are big time fuckers.

Just like James Bond, many times, I ended up in a hotel room fucking a horny chick that I picked up from small grocery store, where I go to buy a can of milk.
Oh Yeah, you can say – milk in and milk out.

I believe – a man can’t do anything in life, if he can’t woo the girl.

Most of the times, I give just one lustful glance and a girl gets ready to sleep with me. It seems magic to me. But it’s not. The fact is that the God is very kind to me.

I don’t have any permanent girlfriend, as I never wanted one. However, I look for and do find new one on every week end. Sometime, during week days, on the go, I stumble upon a chick and get lucky to have a quick fuck in a restaurant’s rest room. Or else, “Midweek Masturbation” is one of the greatest alternatives.

My roots are in Italy. However, I am born and grew up in America, the country that taught me the philosophy of my life “Eat Good & Fuck Good”.

On this erotic and sex blog, I am going to talk about my sexy adventures and the “Eat Good & Fuck Good” philosophy of my life.

I hope you would love it.

So till you come back, keep on fucking someone.

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