Her Face Was Looking More Beautiful Between My Legs!

How to satisfy a woman in bed

How to satisfy a woman in bed? Everyone in this world is looking for the answer of this question. Everyone wants to satisfy a woman in bed. Everyone wants to make woman happy. My experience will tell you how to satisfy a woman in bed.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday…

After three DRY days, the desire to fuck a woman was getting in me. Even on Wednesday morning, I was feeling hard on.

I remember it was a cold morning of Wednesday.

While travelling from Queens to NYC 42nd St., I fixed my eyes on a Brunette, clad in tight grey corporate outfit, standing at the corner diagonally. Her slender body was so much in a shape, as if God had sculpted her very carefully.

As our eyes met, she gave me a lusty look with unnoticeable smile. Her wide mouth and thick lips were very seductive. Inside my trouser, my dick was springing to life, as I imagined of having a fuck.

After couple of stops, I got a chance to talk to her. I found that she was a single mother (obviously over worked and under fucked – most of the people don’t know how to satisfy a woman in bed and make her happy! ) who was working as a paralegal in some Law firm.

Even if she wasn’t my class, I liked her because she had a slender and erotic body. Slender body always gives me kind of a kick, an instant hard on. Slender body, in the bed, doubles the pleasure.

Since last few days, my boss Zeno Sunasi was attending fashion show in Milan (fucking around beautiful models) and I didn’t have much to do in the office.

“Would you like to have coffee?” (Read – would you like to have fuck?) I asked lustfully.

She smiled delightfully.

We didn’t get down at our destinations. For aphrodisiac breakfast, I took her to my favorite Italian Grill at 76th St. (Good fuck requires powerful strokes. To perform powerful strokes, you need strong body. And without good food you can’t have a strong body!  Eat Good – Fuck Good, philosophy of my life!)

In Hampton Inn room, kissing her brutally, I undressed her. Her body was rightly slender, perfectly curved, truly flawless. She also undressed me.

We both were scanning each other’s naked body, she had perfectly slim figure and I had perfectly six packed front.

As she moved closer to kiss me, I embraced, lifted her up, went back foot to the bed, and threw myself on a soft mattress on my back. She was all over me. After a minute of tasting each other’s lips, she, kissing every pore of body, made a swift move down to my pelvic area.

She stared at my hard dick. (so hard that you can cut a diamond with it!)  She encircled her delicate palm around the girth, took into her mouth and started sliding in and out passionately and a bit rapidly, as if she has got an opportunity after a long time. She seemed very hungry and thirsty of sex.

I was staring at her… I wanted to lick and suck her delicious pussy badly. I knew how to satisfy a woman in bed. My tongue was eager to dance on her wet floor and taste the delicious flavor and smell the intoxicating scent.

But, I kept myself in controlled because…. the feeling of happiness was clearly visible on her face.

If I ask myself How to make a woman happy in bed – I always believed, one of the ways to satisfy a woman in bed is let her do whatever she wants to do. And if you be happy in whatever she is doing, then BINGO… She will give you anything you want!

Moreover, I observed she was glowing. I let her do whatever she was doing. I liked her face. Her face was looking more beautiful BETWEEN MY LEGS.

Do you know any other way – How to satisfy a woman in bed and make her happy!

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If Your Life Is Not Erotic, Then Your Life Is Not Interesting!

How To Make Your Life More Beautiful

There are many kinds of people.  Some look for happiness in money, some find satisfaction in power. However, it has been observed that to find happiness in life, all rich & famous, powerful & influential, small & big ultimately turn to love and lust.

Therefore, LOVE and LUST are the only aspects of life that make human happy.  And that’s the reason people always crave for love and lust at all times.

LOVE and LUST can be experienced with small erotic acts.  When you perform erotic acts, you experience LOVE and LUST, which lead to the ultimate joy of life and make life beautiful and erotic.

If you don’t have moments of eroticism, you are not living your life at all.


  • when you like someone,
  • when you get infatuated to someone,
  • when you think of someone romantically,
  • when you meet someone beautiful and sexy,
  • when you find someone who gets crazy for you,
  • when you fall in love, (try to fuck!)
  • when you are being loved by someone,
  • when you hug someone and your chest feels the softness of someone’s creamy breasts,
  • when you scent someone’s silky hair,
  • when you run your hands on all over soft curves of someone’s erotic body,
  • when you experience lightening sensation between your legs,
  • when you feel and taste someone’s tender pair of lips,
  • when you feel like having fuck with someone,
  • when you feel heat in your body and your dick gets hard,
  • when you undress someone and feel naked body,
  • when you are undressed by someone,
  • when you smell the intoxicating perspiration of a naked body,
  • when you suck the hard nipple,
  • when you kiss every pore of someone’s body,
  • when you make your tongue danced on someone’s wet floor between the legs,
  • when you lick and suck pussy,
  • when you fuck someone,
  • when you say to someone – I Love You! (I mean I fuck you!)
  • AND…
  • when you hear the response  - I Love You Too, ( fuck me hard!)

THEN the life becomes interesting!!!

Eroticism is purely an experience, an ecstasy of life. Eroticism makes you feel alive, gives you sexual satisfaction, makes your life happy, blissful, and worth living.

So, if your life is not erotic, then your life is not interesting!

Be erotic and make your life beautiful and erotic.

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A Good Fuck Every Day Keeps Doctor Away!

Benefits Of Having Sex Every Day

Most of us know that sex is as important as food, water, and air in our lives. It’s almost difficult to live without sex for long time.

I don’t have any permanent girlfriend. I chase and get women only on weekends. On weekdays, I don’t have time to invest (or waste) for them. Some time, if any horny finds me and if she fits my bill, I never let her go unfucked. (unfuck is my new word)

I live by myself. I don’t fuck every day. I fuck only on weekends.

However, it has scientifically proved that having sex every day is beneficial to physical as well as mental health.

Let’s try to figure out the benefits of having sex every day.

Healthy & Happy

Sex produces endorphins into the stream of blood, which creates the feeling of well being. It reduces stress, burns up calories, tones up muscles, makes the skin naturally glow, and keeps you away from many diseases.  Sex works as one medicine for all diseases and keeps you physically healthy and mentally happy.

Work & Career

If you are married or if you are living with your girlfriend, you don’t need to chase women. You can save lots of time and ultimately money and your life will be hassle free and peaceful. So, you can focus on your work, which leads to rock solid career and bright future.

Ego & Esteem

Ego and self esteem are like your own shadows. It is feeling of your own esteem, which is being controlled by outside situations. If someone thinks that you are better individual, you feel happy, which raise the bar of happiness in life. So if you have someone who trusts you and love you, your ego is satisfied and boosted.

Loved & Trustworthy

You can love anyone you like, but being loved is difficult. If someone loves you mean someone trusts you.  Being loved and being trustworthy is sign of better individual.

I am a bit weird individual with different viewpoint in life. I love girls. I love to chase them. I love to sleep with them. I like someone’s eyes, someone’s lips, someone’s body, someone’s smile, and someone’s what not!!!!  I am not a person who can stick to one woman for whole of life.

So you don’t follow my idea of life.

Have a girlfriend, live with her or get married. Have sex every day and be happy mentally as well as physically.

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She Completely Changed My Perception About Oral Sex


I never liked going down on a woman.

I never licked and sucked any pussy, as I felt it disgusting. However, my repugnance about oral sex was completely disappeared when I slept with Sonia, whom I met in a flight from Atlanta to NYC.

As she had her seat beside me, habitually, my eyes scanned her curvaceous and scrumptious body many times during philosophical conversation.

Few days after landing in New York, our third meeting was in the Hotel Room.

Later, I learned that the philosophical conversation was the reason.

Wow! What a sexual outcome of a philosophical conversation! Interesting conversation with woman can take you straight to the hotel room, obviously with her!  So whenever you…. be creative!

In the hotel room, after few minutes of natural hesitation, she began with what I hated most, oral sex. And she was so erotic that I couldn’t turn it down.

The way she started, I was freaked out. I never anticipated such a wild action from her.

While kissing, every pore of my body, she reached down and grabbed the lower stem of my hard dick with her delicate palm, started kissing and then “chocolating”. Then laying on a bed in “69“position, she maneuvered her leg and enveloped around my body. My arms wrapped around her waist and clasped her ass.

The pungent aroma of her pussy made my eyes closed and put me into a stupor.

Her talented tongue was working hard on my dick and her pussy was just in front of my face, ready to be licked and sucked.

The blood in my body was heating up and racing towards my dick which was literally throbbing and she was sliding it in and out of her mouth just like an iron piston. I was so inebriated that I couldn’t make out whether I liked the scent of her pussy or not. But it was sure that I didn’t dislike it. I kissed her soft petals and my tongue began dancing on her wet floor. On the other side down there, I was feeling her warm mouth around the shaft. Her passionate “chocolating” literally compelled me to respond in the form of “icecreaming” and made me swayed with her stimulating action.

After initial repulsive feeling, I started liking it. Then gradually I started to relish the fragrance and flavor of her pussy.

Once I even told her: – “Hon, you’ve got delicious and perfumed pussy. If I would have been in perfume business, I would have launched new “pussy perfume” with the same smell as your pussy.

She, laughing loudly, curled herself up with my naked body.

Gradually, it became something more than sex.

Whenever we met, we talked less and listened to the silence more.

The understanding got deeper. The bonding got intense. We started craving for each other, always waiting for the week end. It won’t be wrong if I say that we had fallen in love with each other. The relationship, though sexual, turned out something more than intense love, high esteem, and deep respect. We were so close that there was no space for any relationship issue between both of us. From each other, we had been receiving more than what we expected.

The only thing I didn’t like was her smoking, a minor feeling of distaste.  (Smoking fucks up the joy of sex!)

The relationship lasted for three months.

The day it happened was not a good day for me.

It was Christmas time. When we met, I didn’t find her cheerful. I inquired. She ignored. When we finished, she said that she is leaving for Paris forever.

I felt myself frozen, as if someone had sucked the blood from my body. I felt myself empty. What would happen if she doesn’t meet me? The question itself was beyond my imagination.

I asked her a reason. She kept mum. I sensed she wanted to keep this chapter of life confidential. I respected her decision.

Our eyes welled up and tears streamed down. In each other’s arms, we cried intensely for a long time.

“I never met anybody like you…”She composed herself: – “who can understand me so well…”

“You are the one I always dreamt of… “I replied wiping my tears: – “And I know, I will never meet anybody like you… you will always be in my heart… in my existence… forever…”

After checking out of a hotel, she got into the cab. I helplessly looked at the cab which disappeared in the crowd of vehicles across the street.

For few days, I locked myself up in the room.

It has been about three years now.

From that day, there isn’t a single day, I didn’t recall her reminiscence.

She was the one who completely changed my perception about oral sex.

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The Pussy Should Smell As Good A Perfume And Taste As Good As A Dessert!

how to make vagina smells and tastes better

Every woman looks different, every woman smells different, and every woman tastes different over the time.

Some of the women smell and tastes good and some don’t. Now, good and bad is a personal point of view.

What I like, someone else may not like it.

I remember…

Long back, one of my Indian friends asked me:- “Heard… you guys do lots of ORAL… ”

“Absolutely right…”I replied:-“We love going down on a woman. In fact, we start with ORAL… and I believe you Indian people don’t do it…”

“Yea, we don’t… we feel it’s disgusting… ”After disdain, he asked curiously:-”By the way, you must be doing it after washing and cleaning the spot properly…”

“No…”I said instantly: – “We don’t clean… cos if we clean, we lose the scent and the taste… ”

“What the fuck!” His reaction was repulsive.

Now, “We don’t clean” doesn’t mean we lick and suck DIRTY and GRUBBY pussy.

We don’t clean” means we don’t go down on a woman immediately after cleaning and washing. The reason is the natural scent and the original taste that raise the heat in the body get washed away. So wash and clean the pussy. Leave it for few hours. Let the natural scent and the original taste get accumulated inside. For a man, the musky pungent scent of wet skin is aphrodisiac and the salty and fishy taste is intoxicating. The combination helps the heat rise in the body. You have instant solid and throbbing hard on.

Everyone knows that pussy doesn’t smell like a perfume and taste like a dessert.

However, shave your pussy at regular interval, douched it with vinegar and hot water before few hours of licking and sucking. Make a habit of washing the pussy twice a day at least with hot water. A clean and healthy pussy always smells as good as perfume and tastes as good as dessert.

Everyone should know how to make vagina smell and taste better!

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How To Make Quick Fuck More Exciting!

standing doggy style quick fuck

It’s my experience that Quick Fuck is little different from normal sex.

If it’s handled and managed skilfully, it can be an exciting experience.

The most stimulating factor of Quick Fuck is fear of being caught, as it happens at any time of the day and at any place around your surroundings.

There are few factors that have been associated with these kinds of quickies


Time has two parameters, duration of the time and the part of the day.

The reasonable duration that can give you maximum excitement is around 10 minutes. As it happens on the go, you really can’t choose the time. However, after afternoon and before falling night, 10 minutes of Quickie is an ideal excitement.


Location should be nearest to the place where you get the chance.

Restaurant’s restrooms are good but they have high frequency. Bus depots and railway station restrooms are bigger in size and have low frequency. Beaches with trees are comparatively good option if it happens after falling dark. Train journey is one of the best, as action in motion is always enjoyable.


The best way to have exciting quick fuck is Standing Doggy Style Quick Fuck.

After light kissing, let the girl stand against the wall. From behind her, flap her skirt up and pull her panty down. Unzip your trouser and get your dick out.

Tell her to keep her legs closed tight to make the penetration tighter.

Push her upper torso and let her bend and jut her ass to your dick.

Rub your finger on her clit for few seconds to make her wet and ready for the action.

Start with rubbing your dick on her clit for a minute or two and then penetrate inside her pussy and keep on thrusting. She will also cooperate and thrust back to get into motion which will make the penetration deep and movements faster.

You can double the pleasure by holding and squeezing her breasts in your hands.

Keep your action in motion till you get liquid of life out inside her.

As you are done, help her clean and get back to normal.

Make sure that quick fuck should not be taken seriously. It should be funny, ridiculous, and out and out adventurous.

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