Every Woman Wants BIG, Every Woman Wants BLACK, And Every Woman Wants BANANA!

Big Black Banana

Every woman wants Big because Big gives more pleasure. Every woman – whether she is a white or a black – wants Black because Black is more powerful than any other. And every woman wants Banana because woman can’t enjoy

After All, Men Are Gonna Buy These Boobs Holders And Pussy Hiders!


Zeno Sunasi… Zeno Sunasi is an owner of the company, where I am working. If you want to describe him in just one phrase, it could be – “The stud”. Always dressed in Armani, he isn’t the kind of person

Her Nude Body Made Me Believe That The God Is An Extremely Talented Designer!


Sunday afternoon is for grocery shopping. I generally prefer Organic Food store, Trade Fair and Rosario Deli in the neighborhood Astoria. I have observed most of the time; most of the people are shopping unhealthy, unnecessary, and sometime useless things

Practice Before You Preach Means Finger Before You Fuck!

finger before you fuck the girl

It is fact that those who gossip with you will gossip about you. Mind you, I am not judging anyone. It has been observed and believed that the woman can’t hold anything in her stomach for longer. And that’s the

That Horny Girl’s Pussy Was Craving To Give My Dick Tight Hugs!


Let me tell you, I always believed in – Living life to its fullest. Except drug, I have tasted and tested everything which was obtainable and usable. (Obviously, I have fucked beautiful chicks from all over the world… ). As

Why Friday Should Be Renamed As Fuckday!


Obviously, you must be surprised why Friday should be renamed as Fuckday! Believe me; I have a reason for that. Let me explain you. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday… After four days of fuck “Off”, (I fuck women only on

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