What is relationship
Dating And Relationship

What Is Relationship

If we recollect our mythological scripture, we will learn that God created a “Man” and then to identify with that “Man”, God was compelled to produce a “Woman”.

When we think – What is relationship?

When that “Man’ and “Woman” lived together, the term “Relationship” was born.

Since then, “Relationship” has been remained the base of our existence.

We all are living and alive because we are related to each other.

When I talk about relationship, I would love to talk about some of the elements of relationship such as:

  • Fascination of First Sight (sows the seed of sex…),
  • Chemistry of Attraction (pulls near to sex…),
  • Reason of Infatuation (obviously sex…),
  • Language of Eyes (Sexish…),
  • Warmth of Embrace (heats you up for sex…),
  • Fragrance of Breath (sex smells good…),
  • Taste of Lips (first step for sex…),
  • Tangles of Hair (helps in sex…),
  • Curves of Body (help you get ready for sex…),
  • Intoxication of Perspiration (every drop counts…),
  • Expression of Feelings (always sexy…),
  • Sweetness of Waiting (it takes time to have sex…),
  • Tenderness of Petals (it is like two petals…),
  • Price of Obsession (anything for sex…),
  • Size of Dreams (nothing bigger than sex…),
  • Rapture of Marriage (you need sex every day…),
  • Euphoria of Love (love means sex…),
  • Bond of Relationship (sex bonds very strong…),
  • Pain of Heartbreak (it’s painful, if you don’t get sex…),
  • Twinge of Parting Away (when sex is not enjoyable…),
  • Heat of Tears (sex is hot…),
  • Sound of Cry (heard between the legs…), and ultimately
  • Ultimate Joy of Orgasm (the real end of sex…), and much more…

Just like these… as I go ahead, you will find me talking about private elements of relationship in public. These private elements that attract a man – a woman and take them to ultimate level of bliss, which is called FUCK!. Believe me; my point of views will be so spicy that you won’t be able to stand the heat between your legs.

So stay tuned to Exciting roller coaster ride!

I’ll see you soon….