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Hi Guys,

If we recollect our mythological scripture, we will learn that God created a “Man” and then to identify with that “Man”, God was compelled to produce a “Woman”.

When that “Man’ and “Woman” lived together and fucked each other, the term “Relationship” was born. That’s what I believe. Relationship is just like a coin, which has two sides. On one side, many lives got happy and blissful and on the other side many lives have also been fucked up by relationship.

No matter whatever happened but “Relationship” has been remained the base of our existence. We all are living and alive because we are related to each other.

When I talk about relationship, I would love to talk about some of the elements of relationship such as: Fascination of First Sight (sows the seed of fuck…), Chemistry of Attraction (pulls near to fuck…), Reason of Infatuation (obviously fuck…), Language of Eyes (Fuckish…), Warmth of Embrace (heats you up…), Fragrance of Breath (fuck smells too good…), Taste of Lips (not lips, taste of pussy…), Tangles of Hair (helping hand…), Curves of Body (it really puts you hard on…), Intoxication of Perspiration (every drop is intoxicating…), Expression of Feelings (I want to fuck you…), Sweetness of Waiting (lots of patience required for fuck…), Tenderness of Petals (pussy is like petals…), Price of Obsession (anything for fuck…), Size of Dreams (fuck is the biggest dream…), Rapture of Marriage (you need fuck every day…), Euphoria of Love (love means fuck…), Bond of Relationship (fuck bonds very strong…), Pain of Heartbreak (if you don’t get fuck…), Twinge of Parting away (when fuck is not enjoyable…), Heat of Tears (fuck cries too…), Sound of cry (heard between the legs…), and ultimately Ultimate Joy of Orgasm (the real end of FUCK…), and much more…

Johny, The Johny Santangelo is a hero, a protagonist, a leading man of, the funny, sexy – romantic – erotic blog series. He is a lucky lover and crazy fucker. As I go ahead, you will find him talking about, sometime creating, every time experiencing, and obviously relishing all above mentioned elements of relationship.

He always hits to the core point and asks one question. What the fuck we do in life?

The answer is the cycle of life. Something like this: We get birth… We grow up… We eat… We get educated… We find the opposite partner…We fuck… We work… We get married… We fuck harder… We produce kids… We keep on eating… We keep on fucking… Our kids grow up… They do what we did… The cycle of life goes on… That’s what we do in life.

If we analyze the cycle of life or “Karma” of our life, we will get to know that we do two things in life:

  • To preserve our health, we eat good…
  • To experience ultimate joy of life, we fuck good…

(by the way, both are correlated… to fuck good, you need to have good health…)

“Eat Good & Fuck Good” – We don’t do anything else more than these in life.

Born and grown up in America, Johny observed people eating good and fucking good. And so, he always strongly believed “Eat Good & Fuck Good” is a way of American life, a philosophy of American culture…

With “Single” relationship status, Johny has an attractive and athletic personality suggestive of good health and solid strength. (he exercises, eats good and always fucks good… a strong fuck master…) He is a person every girl likes to dream about, wishes to have relationship, and loves to sleep with him.

Many a times, he ended up in some nearby hotel room fucking a chick that he picked up from small grocery store, where he went to buy a can of milk. (smart Guy, Milk in and Milk out!!!!) He was also found in a coffee shop for hours talking to a girl that he found in a train. Romantic and magical mischievousness on his face compelled the girls to be freaked out and most of the time, most of them found sleeping with him.

Out spoken, he always talks about the interesting facts and naked truth of life that we generally avoid discussing and hide beneath our skin.

Professionally, He is Web Business Developer and Social Media Expert, working with Qtech in New York City. Working on Social media, many a times, he has picked up beautiful chicks from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

On this erotic blog, I am going to write about the funny, romantic and sexy adventures and the “Fuck” philosophy of Johny Santangelo by talking about the relationship between “Man & Woman”.

I hope, you would enjoy the philosophy of Johny Santangelo, (Eat Good & Fuck Good;)

Thank you so much for visiting

And yes, if you like my writing, do not forget to leave comments, positive as well as negative. Your positive comments will inspire and negative will help improve my writing.

So till you come back, keep on loving and fucking someone. If you don’t have anyone, find your Dream Date, because love and fuck keep you happy, healthy, and makes your life worth living.

Once again, Thank you…

Romantically yours,

ANVI, the blogger
Every man, in America, wants to be Johny Santangelo….

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  1. Charmis says:

    One word to the article “Fucking Awesome”

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