my big black banana
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Every Woman Wants BIG, Every Woman Wants BLACK, And Every Woman Wants BANANA!

Every woman wants Big because Big gives more pleasure.

Every woman – whether she is a white or a black – wants Black because Black is more powerful than any other.

And every woman wants Banana because woman can’t enjoy the life unless she gets Banana in one of her three holes. You know what I mean!!!

BigBlackBanana gives nice and powerful fuck to a woman. And that’s the reason women love BigBlackBanana!

On this interpretation of mine, Zeno and I had extensive discussion. According to Zeno, BigBlackBanana is a sexually controversial domain name and he feared of being banned.  On the other hand, I wanted to create controversy, as it is going to help us market the website. After three hours of deliberation, Zeno agreed on a condition that it will be my responsibility to handle the controversy, if it arises out of it.

When I accepted the responsibility and guaranteed the success, he handed me over the BigBlackBanana project.

Putting my personal creative (…my fuck philosophy) in a as good as erotic project like this,  within two weeks, I designed the website, wrote the content, optimized the products images, launched the website, and initiated promotional campaign online.

The images of the products (Boobs Holders, Pussy Hiders, Skin Covers, and much more…) were as good as pornographic material.

Generally, in the offices, employees, if caught, get punished for browsing pornographic content.  I am fucking a lucky guy that it’s my job and I am passionate about it.

By clicking keyboard’s right arrow, I was having a close look at the product images supplied by lingerie manufacturers. As, one by one, the images moved right to left, my eyes are widening in surprise. (… most of the chicks, wearing tiniest bras and panties, were immediately fuckable.)

All of a sudden, my finger stopped and my eyes froze on one of the images of a white woman clad in two pieces. Her Bra was so tiny as if she was wearing it just to hide two nipples. Her Panty was something less than G-String, the front of it was just covering three inches of pussy area and it was so transparent that I could see through the pink lips of her clean shaven pussy. I bet this woman must have created hundreds of fuck stories. I felt like adding one more in the list.

She was almost nude.

The curves of every part of her body was so impeccably sexy that I started feeling intense heat between my legs. Within few seconds, my dick inside trouser started getting life and I literally had to look around to adjust my dick inside my underwear to hide the bulged front of the trouser.

This girl has badly gotten on my Dick. I will have to fuck her as soon as possible, otherwise pink lips of her pussy are gonna make me crazy.

I zoomed in on the image and had a closer look.

She seemed to be very familiar.

I had seen her before…. somewhere… somewhere for sure…

As I, scratching my head, have been trying to recollect, the montages of the places where I might have spotted her in New York City, started flashing in front of my eyes.

Suddenly, I stopped at one of the montages.

It was night time… I saw a couple… I struggled to recognize them… slowly it cleared… I recognized her… It was the same face…

She was with Zeno… Yes, she was with Zeno Sunasi, My Boss…!

Now everything got cleared. Before couple of weeks, while coming out of SOHO with a chick, I had seen her with Zeno Sunasi entering into the SOHO – the Pub. Yea, I got it. She was one of the Zeno’s girlfriends.

OMG! I was fucked up! I had a crush on my Boss’s one of the girlfriends and that too very intense!!!

I felt I was really fucked up. In the state of perplexity, right top of the computer screen caught my attention, 4:50pm was flashing.

It was a time to leave. I packed up in couple of minutes and left the office.

While, walking to 42nd St. Station, her sculpted body was in my mind, in my heart and in front of my eyes. I was so lost, as if she has taken over my existence. I wanted to touch her. I wanted to hug her. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to play with her nipples. I wanted to suck her pussy. I wanted to fuck her very badly and very hard.

But…. But… She was Boss’s girlfriend… Chasing her may lead to losing my job!

No… I don’t want to lose the job, not because I can’t get another. I don’t want to lose the job because I liked Zeno Sunasi. I liked his character, his outlook, and his temperament. In fact, I have seen the reflection of my own character in him. He is as good as my role model.  That is the reason, I can’t afford to lose the job.

However, she was so sexy and the desire to fuck her was so intense that I was tempting to take any risk and give it a try.

She got so much all over me that I couldn’t sleep. It resulted into staring at ceiling forlornly. Her erotic body made me so passionate that I just wanted to fuck her hard with all of my heart. And, by the way, Zeno was not any dedicated Lover Boy. OK, he is my role model.  But he is big time fucker. He might have fucked hundred of girls. It doesn’t make any difference if I fuck one of his hundreds!!!

The thought gave me a little comfort and a little courage!

It was almost sleepless night. However, when I woke up, I was determined to make an attempt to meet her. If I get her, it could be one of the most memorable fuck stories of mine.

In the office, I made an excuse and got her name, cell number, and email address from Zeno’s personal assistant. 

She was Nina Bianco, an Italian model from Milan – Italy.

Being an Italian, I felt more excited, as I always wanted to have an intense affair (…wanted to fuck hard!) with the woman from my own culture but never had luck.

I felt like sending her a message NOW, but I restrained myself, as I knew that right words always make big difference.

After office, as I got home, I placed an order for Chinese food as I didn’t feel like cooking my favorite pasta.

And then I logged in Facebook, browsed Nina Bianco.

Found it, checked her photos twice. Yes, she is the one.

I clicked on friend request so that she can have a look at my photograph and learn more about me.

Then I typed a text message on my mobile.

“m Johny – your pic gave me sleepless night – sent u fb frnd reqst  – lyk 2 c u – if u feel lyk  seein me – lemme kno – waiting bebe… “

I read the message thrice, felt it was ok. I pressed SEND.

For few moments, I stared at the phone and then in the blank… The shots of her nude body flashed in front of my eyes and immediately my dick reacted. My hand was automatically inserted into the boxer. I clutched my dick.  It was rock solid hard and standing tall as if saluting her nude body.

In life,  Time always rules because Time is a King…  Time puts you on the top and Time puts you at the bottom. Time is the only factor, which lets you fuck somebody and Time is also an only factor, which lets others fuck YOU badly.

I desperately wanted to fuck Nina. But at the moment, let me be honest, she was fucking me badly, very badly.

The door bell was rung.

Chinese delivery boy was holding a Chinese food packet. I paid him and kept the food on the coffee table, grabbed a can of beer from the fridge. My appetite was almost disappeared but wanted to fill the stomach. (…Wanted to eat her delicious pussy not this fucking tasteless Chinese…).

Finally, keeping an eye on the iPhone constantly (…Obviously anticipating a fuck message!), I finished my so called dinner.

After dinner, closing my eyes, I was relaxing in a sofa chair. (… Dreaming of fucking Nina…)

Suddenly, cell phone clang alerted. Swiftly, I grabbed the phone from coffee table.

It was a text message from Nina.

“Hey Johny, at the moment, m occupied, call u back around 11pm – thnx – Nina”

I had a winning smile on my face.

“Yaaaa…. aaahoooo… ” Clutching phone in the palm, I uttered my victory.

It was as good as a dream come true. I looked at the cell clock, it was displaying 8pm. Still 3 hours left. I always hated, but I have to wait…

Guys, you also wait for one of my memorable fuck stories, to see me fucking Nina Bianco

By the time, keep on fucking somebody and keep on getting fucked by somebody….