sandalwood fragrance
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The Girl With The Sandalwood Fragrance!

At midnight, Nina and I checked into Hampton Inn.

As we got in the room, my foot pushed the door closed.

With my back against the closed door, I pulled Nina against my chest. She gazed into my eyes so lustily, as if she was desperately seeking a real good fuck. I kissed on her forehead and encircled my arms around her waist. My nostrils caught a whiff of the same sweet fragrance again. I inhaled deeply and relished the heavenly scent of her body. With closed eyes in an ecstatic state of mind, she also wrapped her arms around me. As her creamy breasts clung to my chest, an electric current ran through my body.

Fuck – what’s happening to me! How someone’s boobs can make an electric current run through my body? Didn’t I fuck lately? Do I need to fuck more? Or Nina Bianco is so sexy!

Slowly, lips were locked – tongues were sucked – tastes were exchanged – hands roamed all over the clothes – parts of the bodies writhed in pleasure – buttons unbuttoned – unzipping sound lost in moan – hooks got broken – clothes were stripped off – nude body clung to nude body – boobs squeezed – nipples clasped between the thumb and fingers – delicate palm gripped the pulsating girth – the fingers were inserted – and finally her moaning and groaning set whole of my body on fire.

Kissing her frantically and clutching her butt with my palms, I lifted her off the floor and we clambered into the bed and laid ourselves side by side. Squeezing her boobs and nipples, I reached over her pussy – Moaning, she squirmed in ecstatic pleasure.

Turning myself around, I positioned my dick in front of her face and my face in front of her pussy. Kissing her pelvic, when I headed to her pussy – I caught a strong whiff, which was so intense that I succeeded in recognizing the scent.

It was sandalwood, a faint fragrance of sandalwood, mixed with her perspiration.

Who would wear perfume on pussy? Nobody. It is not perfume. Is her body so aromatic?

I inserted both of my sculpted thighs under both of her arms. My erection stood just in front of her mouth. She held, kissed, and licked. And as she took my dick inside her mouth, I slowly started stroking.

Enjoying my stroking inside her mouth, she also positioned – the way I did – her soft thighs under my arms and locked me. Keeping my dick inside her mouth, she enclosed and tightened her arms around my waist/ass and started bobbing her head that helped me go little faster.

While licking and sucking her pussy, I was literally fucking her mouth.

Two nude bodies, locked in 69, in swift motion with high emotions, were quenching their thirst for life time.

When I rubbed my tongue on her clit round and around… round and around… again and again … Her body quivered and she moaned loudly.

From slow to fast… fast to faster… faster to fastest…

Licking – sucking – rubbing – throbbing – pulsating – thrusting – and pounding…

The battle on the bed went chaotically wild.

The skyrocketing stimulation made our arms tightened up around each other’s ass.

She took my dick deep down inside her mouth – squeezed and sucked in such a way that the sensation of liquid ran through from all over my body, rushed to my erection – my arms around her ass clasped tightly… and my dick exploded… splattering inside her mouth with white liquid… she swallowed every splatter with pride… I cupped her pussy with my mouth and penetrated with tongue and rubbed on her clit… She moaned, writhed, and squirted liquid in my mouth, which I sucked…

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In few seconds – from fastest to faster, faster to fast, and fast to slow…

The action slowly ceased momentum… the grips around our asses loosened…

My dick was out of her mouth hanging flaccidly and my mouth was away from her wet pussy. Slowly, from 69, we, panting, came back to normal position. I wiped her mouth and pussy cleaned with a paper napkin and she did the same to me.


Lying on a bed, I took her into my arms. Our legs entwined and we thoroughly clung to each other.

Kissing her face tenderly, I whispered: -“Did you like it ?”

“Oh yea…” With closed eyes, she grunted appreciatively: -“Thank you…”

I combed her hair with my fingers.

“By the way… what perfume are you wearing?”


“But this sandalwood fragrance….? ” I asked her sniffing her body.

“Oh… that’s natural….” Her husky voice was erotic.


“The scent on my body is natural…”She replied: – “And that’s why I never use perfume…”

“Wow…” I slid myself little down on the bed and buried my face between her boobs. She enclosed her arms around my head protectively. Feeling her creamy boobs around my face, I inhaled deeply to feel that divine sandalwood fragrance, which effused my olfactory senses.

She is very slim, beautiful, decent, passionate, sensible, sane, reasonable, sage, profound, and fantastically sexy. Hey, why the fuck am I counting her goodness? I do believe that without emotions sex is incomplete. But one should not get carried away with emotions. I would rather say – Fuck, Fuck a lot, Fuck a lot with emotions! But after you fuck, fuck the emotions off! You know what I mean!

I bit her nipple… she squeezed my dick… my fingers repeated round and around inside her… over and again… “Oh yea, oh yea…” She moaned repetitively. Holding the girth of my dick, she slid herself little down and brought her pussy in front of my dick… she seemed horny – a kind of woman who can turn you on within minutes even after incredible orgasm… My dick was turned on and her pussy was wet and twitching for friction… As I adjusted myself to help her, she slotted half of my dick in her pussy…

Lying alongside her, keeping my half of the dick into her pussy, I ascended her body.

She, beneath me, opened her legs wide and repositioned her ass on the bed to give me right angle… As I pushed in with powerful thrust, she gasped with husky voice… Then she held her thighs and lifted her legs up… Her ass and pussy was raised off the bed. Now I felt her pussy was completely filled with my dick to get maximum friction with her clit.

I started thrusting… in and out… in and out… in and out…

Her body was wobbling with my thrusts and she was groaning in pleasurable pain of my hammering.

From both of the sides of her waist, I inserted my hands under her ass and grasped her butts in my palms… Holding her body with my palm, I kept on thrusting … now my dick was ramming deep down inside her with full throttle… her body writhed and quivered with my powerful penetration… She literally yelled: – “Oh my God… Johny, fuck me more, man… fuck me harder…”

It made me pound her faster and faster… I was thrusting like a machine. Every stroke was stirring and nearing the orgasm. She was twisting, turning, and giving yell of ecstasy.

Wild action in high emotion and high emotion in wild action…

And ultimately came the moment of rapture, as if the huge wave rose up high, fell down, and collided to the shore breaking into pieces… my dick squirted… again and again… over and again… emptying the cum inside her… her pussy squeezed my dick… I also felt she spurted all over my dick plunged deep down inside… In rapturous state, my body was arched and every fibre of my nerves stretched at its maximum…

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That was the bliss!!!

Believe me –After achieving everything in life – rich and famous, powerful and influential, small and big, ultimately look for this bliss. Every human is literally dying to live through this bliss. The fibre of our being is woven into this bliss. There is no better experience in life than this bliss. There is no other joy beyond this bliss where a human can be happy in true sense. Because, this bliss is an ULTIMATE JOY of LIFE. Period.

In a while, froth of frenzy fizzled.

Lying beside each other, we listened sound of each other’s breathing.

Then, I gazed at her. She, with her eyes closed, seemed heavenly contented.

I tenderly caressed and combed her hair with my fingers, kissed her forehead…

And  until dawn… again kissing – hugging – butts – boobs – nipples – fingers – girth – erection – licking – sucking – clit – stroking – pounding – twisting – turning – writhing – convulsing – moaning – groaning – squirting – and finally ORGASM – the sequence was repeated twice.

After all wild actions – finally – caring each other in each other’s embrace, we didn’t know when we fell asleep.

In the morning…

As requested, room service brought the coffee early in the morning.

Today evening, before catching a flight to Milan, Nina has few business matters to wrap up in New York. She already had called the Cab.

After shower, she was ready to leave.

Outside the window, the weather seemed gloomy. And inside the room, it was the same as disheartening.

It was a time to leave… She was in front of me.

Kissing her forehead, I embraced her. Tears welled up in her eyes. Keeping myself restrained, I separated her from my embrace and wiped her tears out with my thumbs.

We gazed at each other so fervently as if we don’t want to be separated.

Meanwhile the phone rang; she whipped and picked up the phone.

The front Desk informed – the cab is waiting.

Once again she gave me a quick hug and said: “I will come back and I will see you… take care… “

She rushed to the door, pulled it open and left.

Gazing at the door, sad and depressed, I remained alone in the room.

As I heard the rumbling of the cab, I rushed to the window and saw – as Nina got in, the cab moved and in couple of moments it was out of the parking lot.

I stared at the space from where the cab was disappeared.

Motionlessly, I came back to the bed, sat on it. I was feeling so empty as if I have lost everything that I had. Eyes welled up and all of sudden I burst into tears… Laid down on the bed, hiding my face into the bed cover, I cried overwhelmingly, unrestrained, like a child. I let myself cry as I wanted to let my pain out and free myself up.

Love is very strange. In life, sometime we meet kind of people, we can love them but we can’t get them. You feel fortunate when they appear in life and makes you smile but you can’t do anything when they disappear and leave you crying.

In my case – the truth is my personality… my personality is very strange. I never try to get whom I love. If I get her, the life will be at a standstill. And my life is like a mountain stream which never stops flowing. I believe – the life, like a coin, has two sides – positive and negative, happy and sad, laugh and cry, coming and going… As a true human being, we are supposed to cherish one and face the other. That’s the way it is!

In life, people come and people go.

She came and she left – I don’t know whether she will be back. But she has left her remembrance… her sandalwood fragrance…

And, all the time, it reminds me – The girl with the sandalwood fragrance.

Guys, the way I fucked Nina, you also keep on fucking somebody and keep on getting fucked by somebody….