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How To Wear A Bra In Style!

How to wear a bra?

First let me talk about a Bra…

The Google search describes the bra – an undergarment worn by women to support the breasts.

However, my simple definition (may be vulgar) of Bra is – The Boobs Holder

And according to me Bra is an erotic word, because it makes me think erotic and do erotic.

When I think of a Bra, I think of the spongy boobs, I think of erected nipples, I think of squeezing them, I think of warm hug, I think of hot kiss, I think of soft ass, I think of hard dick, I think of wet pussy, I think of licking wet pussy, I think of loud fuck, I think of heavy pounding, and I think of incredible orgasm.

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All these conclusions prove that Bra is an erotic word.

Now let’s get to our subject. Our subject is – How to wear a Bra?

Before I tell you How to wear a bra, I would like to tell you that rather than wearing, taking off a Bra is more interesting. I like to take off a Bra. I love to take off a Bra. You can’t imagine, how many times in my life, I have taken off the bras – each time in different way and in different style.

While taking off a Bra, let me tell you, what I see and how do I feel: –

So when I take off a Bra……

The boobs get free from the prison of two cups and seem ready to fly like birds –

… And I love to catch them…

The boobs start breathing and take sigh of relief –

… At this time, I love to kiss them…

Sometime, the boobs bounce like a bowls of Jelly –

… I immediately hold the bouncing bowls of jelly, obviously to eat them…

Most of the time, the girl hides her boobs with her two hands –

… I love this; I hold and slowly remove their hands from her boobs…

Many times, when bra gets unhooked, those soft balls droop like empty bags

… I tell you – I have to hold them before they droop…

You are reading this How To Wear A Bra story at My name is Johny.

Why taking off a bra is more erotic than putting on a bra? Because when we take off the bra from a woman’s body – we are excited, we have hard dick, and we are ready to fuck.

But when we put the bra on a woman’s body – we are turned off, we have flaccid dick, and we have already fucked.

So taking off a Bra is very interesting whereas  putting on the Bra is not interesting at all!


Yes, however…. in this video, you will watch that the way of wearing a Bra is so interesting that it is beyond your imagination… I bet you guys have never seen this before!

Yea, I am telling you the truth. And, you’ve gotta see to believe it…

You read this how to wear a bra story at My name is Johny!