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I Ordered Pin Pomerol, The Most Delicious Wine For Most Delicious Pussy!

How To Woo A Girl

On Friday evening…

Nina Bianco, seated in front of me – on the other side of the table, was clad in black skin-hugged evening dress that was flaunting half of her creamy-soft medium sized breasts, which seemed to be wrapped up so tightly as if they were out of breath and desperate to jump out of low-cut front of the attire.

I am anticipating wild action in the bed!

I ordered Pin Pomerol, which she was going to taste first time.

Cheers! Most delicious wine for the most delicious pussy!

In a small private lounge of The Italian Grill at 76th, the ambience was a combination of brightness of evening and darkness of the night. In one of the corners, a small Jazz Orchestra’s guitars and saxophones were relaying stimulating music and creating quixotic atmosphere

The waiter just served the wine in an orderly manner.

White frosted glass lamp shade on the table was illuminating her face and glinting her silky hair draped on both of the sides of her bony face. She was looking very beautiful, very attractive, and absolutely gorgeous! I never imagined that she would look more beautiful in person than in that of her raunchy photograph. Mesmerized, I was not able to move my eyes away from her face.

Habitually, I couldn’t stop myself imagining her thick lips kissing and her wide mouth sucking my dick. And if she is so beautiful, then her pussy must be more beautiful, I mean yummy. And reverie of her yummy pussy gave me a fleeting thought of kissing, sucking, and eating her pussy.

Inside my trouser, I felt my dick throbbing and pulsating just like my heart throbs in my chest!

With little push with my finger at the bottom, I neared one of the glasses of wine to her, a polite and romantic gesture to begin!

Tucking a lock of her hair behind her right ear, she accepted it with a faint smile flashed on her lips. From her face, my glance slid little down swiftly to her cleavage, which made my mouth water and my dick hardened even more!

I believed she noticed it. But who cares?  

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We raised the toast with “Cheers!”

After a sip, Nina placed the glass on the table and said: – “Wine is really delicious.  You’ve got classic taste…”

My tastes are simple. I always like to have the best pussy, just like you!

“Thank you…” I sipped and placed the glass on my right.

“Johny…”She came to the point: -“ The only reason I am here is your one line of text – ‘your photo gave me a sleepless night’.

Lie, total lie. You are here because you want me to fuck you, and fuck you hard, very very hard!!

“That… is… a… fact… “I enunciated each word clearly.

“By the way, how did you get my number?” She asked as if investigating.

Fuck!  Crap! Never anticipated this question! So never prepared for this! Fuck what to do! Hmm.. Oh… Yea…

“I saw you on Facebook…” I lied: -“…and I’ve got couple of sources in your modeling world…”

I generally don’t lie but in this kind of situation, it’s OK. By the way, thank God… I suddenly got it… Hope everything falls in right place!

“Hmm…”Gazing at her wine glass, she was trying to believe me. After couple of seconds, shifting her gaze at me, with a half mischievous smile, she asked: -“So, why do you like me?”

Because you are fuckable!!!  You got slender body, pretty face, nice wide mouth, creamy soft boobs, spongy ass, and…. Pussy? Pussy must be yummy…!!! I just want to fuck you, fuck you, and fuck you hard… 

“You are very beautiful… “I said, sipped wine and continued: – “But… that’s not the reason that I like you… ”

Her expressions changed, listening avidly, she leaned a bit forward to pay more attention, as if she got curious to know the reason.

“Before I answer your question… let me ask you… “Gazing in her twinkling eyes, I asked:  – “What love is?”

She took few moments to answer: – “Everyone defines differently… Thousand people – thousand definitions…”

Very smart Pussy!!!

“How do YOU define?” I stressed on YOU.

Again, tucking the lock of her hair behind right ear, she pondered over my question calmly for few seconds and  then replied: -“When someone comes in your life and becomes part of you, part of your existence… I think that’s called love…”

She said simply but sensitively. Beauty with a little bit of a brain!

“Interesting…. you are right from your point of view… however, I think little differently… I believe love is nothing but physical chemistry…  Each and every individual in this world has certain chemicals in his or her body, which attract the opposite… when required chemicals on the both of the sides are on a right level, both of them get pulled towards each other… Attraction is established…   Desirability gets created… magnetism brings both of them so close that neither of them remembers anything else in the world except each other… It’s pure physical chemistry… I think this physical chemistry is called love… “

“Fascinating….” She seemed amazed.

I sipped my wine and continue: -“Many a times, we all have seen odd couples… one of the partners is extremely beautiful and other one is exactly opposite…  Looking at them we question ourselves… How such a beautiful girl can go for such an ugly guy or vice versa!  If we think logically, it’s not convincing…  However, they live together for years… happily and blissfully… without any complaint! I believe it’s perfect physical chemistry… And I call it LOVE…“

I paused for a moment.

Looking into her eyes passionately I said: -“I don’t know what do you think about me… but… believe me… I am feeling the same physical chemistry for you… and that’s the reason I like you… and I want you… I need you… very badly…”

I didn’t say ‘I want to fuck you’. Because, it is not to be told, it is to be understood. It just happens… It happens just like that!  

She smiled. She blushed.

And, her blush and her smile were so blissful as if she found her extension.

“You think too much…” She said… I believe just for the sake of saying something she said. She said in such a way that she is going to intoxicate the night tonight!

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Believe me, the dinner with one more glass of wine was as good as a festival.

I felt, during the quixotic conversation, her smile remained blissful. When I told her that I have booked a suite at Hampton Inn, she didn’t object. “Really?” She widened her eyes in pleasurable amazement.

She was ready to take my dick into her mouth as well as into her pussy. It was going to be the night to celebrate!

While coming out of The Grill, as I opened the door for her, she walked out. Wrapped up in a tight black dress, her medium sized meaty butts – moving slowly up and down and side to side alternatively as she put her foot forward – made my dick like an iron piston. I literally tempted to grab one of them but I restrained myself thinking that after half an hour I am going to get both of them why to grab now!

Following her on the street,  I encircled one of my arms around her body so normally, as if I knew her since ages.  As we move forward, my nostrils perceived a unique sweet fragrance. I turned my head towards her and inhaled. Her body was effusing the wooden like sweet and intoxicating fragrance.

Inhaling again to experience the heavenly scent, I waved a Cab. We got in and the cab headed to Hampton Inn for ultimate pleasure.

Guys, you have seen how to woo a girl – I know you guys must be eager to see me in the bed with Nina Bianco. You have to wait for that… So just wait…

Meanwhile, you keep on fucking somebody and keep on getting fucked by somebody….