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After New York Sex Party, I was Not Getting Hard On!

New York Sex Party

I had heard about it. This New York Sex party was described as one of the swankiest events of New York City, a kind of “eyes wide open” ecstatic experience.

Chelsea invited me to New York Sex Party because she needed a partner to get into this elite class orgy. She was a sex writer whom I fucked once. She wanted me to fuck her more but I didn’t because she wasn’t so good in bed.

Holding a phone, I thought for a while.

I started to imagine – a dim lit hall – brunettes and blondes – leggy models – males with beer bellies – all pulsating sex starved bodies – nude waitresses flaunting their boobs and asses – people fucking in front of people – twosome – threesome – bloggers observing the fucks closely and thoroughly – flock of sex writers intending to write spicy writes-ups for the promotion of their publications.

I know Chelsea had worked hard, weaseled her way to get two free press passes.

I didn’t want to go with Chelsea as I wasn’t interested to fuck her – But hoping to find a “fantasy fuck”, take her to hotel, and pound her within the four walls of the room, I decided to go and said – yes.

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The rules to get into the New York Sex Party were strict:

Only couples allowed – Mask is must – No camera – No cell phone – Men can’t approach women (what the fuck?!) – Women can approach men (this is double fuck?!?!) – No one can touch nude waitress (then why the fuck they are nude?!).

In the evening, the darkness clouded over the city, I picked Chelsea up on 42nd street –

In the cab – she, grabbing and squeezing the bulge of my dick on the front of trouser, – bit my earlobe and whispered: – “I want you to fuck me in front of the people… if you don’t mind, we can have a threesome…”

What the fuck? If I knew her desire before, I would have never said, yes! I am not the person who fucks in front of other people.

I didn’t respond.

In a while, the cab stopped with a jerk.

As I got out, the freezing cold made me put my gloves on.

The entrance was quite busy. The process of getting in was a bit slow. Couples with masks dangling in their hands were lined up and seemed edgy due to extensive security check.

May be, they were desperate to see how the people fuck or/and they wanted people to see how they fuck!!! 

Chelsea and I joined the queue.

It took about half an hour to get in.

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As we enter, melodious instrumental music welcomed us.

It was a dimly lit huge hall for gathering and conference. Several chandeliers were hung from the high ceiling including a huge one in the center. The special lights were illuminating the medieval paintings on the walls. Small portion of one of the walls had carpet to ceiling mirror. The bar was strategically set up in one of the corners. There were three doors on the walls. One of them is near the bar and remaining two were diagonally across the bar.  The floor was covered with red silk carpet and three huge leather sofas surrounding a large coffee table were placed close to the bar.

The party was yet to begin.

A slender nude waitress with hairy pussy, as if walking on the ramp, approached having a tray of Champagne flutes on her right palm. Chelsea took one and gazing at her body from head to toe, I too picked up one of them and thought to tease her: – “You gotta lovable boobs and adorable ass… you are really fuckable… I am feeling hard on…”

“You are breaking the rule… “She warned me in stern voice but while leaving she smiled: -“But thank you…”

I gazed at her jiggly ass, while she was leaving.

“Hey, Johny… when people will start fucking….?” After taking a sip of Champagne, Chelsea asked. She seemed to be desperate to be fucked!

“When you start getting fucked…” I replied looking at her mischievously.

At that time – the door besides the bar opened and a man emerged. He was completely naked with  tattoos on his semi hard large sized dick dangling between his legs.

I saw Chelsea’s restless glance fixed on him, probably on his dangling dick.

With eyes wide open – gazing at his large sized tattooed dick – her mouth watered – Chelsea swallowed her own saliva in her mouth. As he passes her by, she turned and looked at me sympathetically as if requesting permission to go after him.

I am not the one who can put limits on her.  I smiled. She understood.

I watched – she approached him, talked to him, held his dick in her palm, sat on her knee and kissed his tattooed dick.

And then…

Instead of holding his arm, she got up and wrapped up her delicate palm tightly around his thick dick and started pulling him to the bar counter. This act of her made him burst out laughing and he obediently followed her.

The bevy of people around them also guffawed and cheered them with claps.

I smiled.  Chelsea always looks for large sized dick!

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I swiped my glance. The hall was getting crowded slowly and gradually…

I watched – the white woman was jumping up and down on black man’s lap who was seated on a leather sofa with his chest pressed against her back and kneading her boobs.

By the way, the woman on his lap was jumping so slowly that nobody can perceive – they are fucking. A smart way to fuck!

Across them, smoking a cigar, an old gentleman, resting his head on back of sofa, was receiving a blowjob from a very young woman, who was bobbling her head so mechanically as if she was machine operated.

Behind the sofa – near the painting –  a woman all most nude parting her legs wide open – was standing and enjoying being fucked by two men, one from front and other from back. It seemed difficult for both the men to penetrate the pussy and ass at the same time.

In front of all – a woman, spreading her legs wide open, was laid on her back on huge coffee table. An athletic young man, hiding his face between her legs, was working on her pussy and at the same time his two hands were playing with her boobs.

What the fuck! It seems that people are more interested in oral sex rather than traditional fuck…  

And… You are reading New York Sex Party at My name is Johny.

In the corner at the bar, Chelsea was leaned forward placing her palms on the edge of the bar counter. From her behind, the nude guy was thrusting into her with increasingly deep and smooth strokes.

I didn’t get whether he was thrusting into her pussy or ass!!!  In a flash of a second, I felt a male dog was fucking female dog. 

“Hi… ” Female voice startled me.

I turned my head to my right. Clad in short backless black party dress, wearing shabby makeup, she looked like a cheap hooker.

“Hi…”I sipped my Champagne.

“Would you like to have a drink with me?” She had sensual voice.

Through the bigger eyes of the mask, I could see her eyes had wild spark.

“I’m waiting for somebody…” I lied to get rid of her.

“All right…. later if you decide to have a real good fuck, I am around…”

“Sure…” I smiled.

She left.

Rising noise of cheers from my back made me turn around.

I watch – among the group of people, two of the guys had their trousers pulled down. They, holding their tight dicks in their respective hands, were standing by the sides of a really slender young white woman with blonde hair who was clad in weird leather dress. Her blouse was covering hands, back, and stomach, not boobs. Her boobs were completely exposed, jutted out, as if ready to be squeezed!  Her trouser… sorry you can’t call it a trouser. They were two sleeves that were covering legs and thighs! Her clean shaven pussy and her soft ass were completely visible, as if open for anyone!

What a sight! She was wearing a party dress where her boobs, pussy, and ass were visible, everything else covered. If this is the case then why is she wearing it in the first place?

People, flocked around, were clapping and cheering them to go ahead.

The blonde leaned forward, turned on her left and jutted her ass to the guy to her right – I call him Right Guy – who inserted his tight dick right into her pussy.

The guy who was on her left – I will call him Left Guy –  holding his dick in his hand – moved a step forward… The blonde grabbed his dick and got into her mouth.

Then, three of them adjusted their positions to give each other right angle for powerful thrusts and enjoyable penetration.

The stage was set for wild action.

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Constant cheers by the people congregated around them drew other’s attention in the orgy hall. Some of them turned their head and some moved and joined the spectators.

The Right Guy  and The Left Guy started thrusting, one into her pussy – the other into her mouth.

And… the blonde had been receiving thrusts from both of the sides so eagerly and so willingly as if she is proud of handling two large size dicks at a time.  Due to thrusts from both of the sides, her dangling boobs were bouncing, swinging, and jiggling.

She, holding the shaft at the bottom, was gliding the tip of her tongue up over the head and down the shaft in such a way as if his dick was most delicious thing in the world.

On the other side – the Right Guy, leaning forward was enjoying his dick getting in and getting out of her wet pussy. And after few strokes, he grabbed her waist and increased the pace intending to go as deep as possible.

The blonde swirled her tongue around the top of Left Guy’s dick twice and locked it with her thick lips for few seconds and then started bobbling her head rapidly… During the act her hair got untied and shielded her face. The Left Guy removed the hair from her face and tucked behind her ears.

The Right Guy, gritting his teeth, was pounding mercilessly. As the dick of Left Guy  was in her mouth, the blonde was moaning through nostrils.

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The pain was visible on blonde’s face, as the Left Guy was trying to push his dick as deep as possible to gag her. However, the blonde, holding his dick at the bottom, was not allowing him beyond the limit.

Pussy fuck – mouth fuck – joyful pain on the face – the total emotions were in motion.

The Left Guy was about to come…

The Right Guy was pounding as hard as possible….

Every thrust – into her pussy as well as in to her mouth – were making her boobs jiggle faster like a bags of jelly.


After few powerful thrusts into her mouth… the Left Guy came….

As the blonde felt his squirt in her mouth, she pulled his dick out… his hot juice was spurting… some landed on her cheeks, some on her nose, some on her forehead, and some on her lips… She also caught some on her tongue and swallowed … and then she extended her tongue to reach out some of the juice from her own face…

Left Guy almost finished it…

As Right Guy – who was pounding her pussy – saw it, he slowed down and pulled his dick out of her pussy…

At that time, the blonde turned 180 degree around so quickly as if she was desperately waiting…

I thought I am the only creative fucker! But I was wrong.

She turned around and grabbed Right Guy’s dick and took it in her mouth. The Right Guy started thrusting into her cum-smeard mouth…

And… her ass… which was jutted in front of the Left Guy, who bent down on his knee, grabbed her butts, parted her pink pussy with both of his thumbs and started to lick…

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In primitive time, we had been living as animals. Then the process of refining started. Slowly and gradually, we became humans with brains that can figure out rights and wrongs. And the process still is going on.  

But these sex starved dirty assholes raise many questions – 

Is this the refinement that we are looking for? 

Is this the joy that can give us ecstatic feeling? 

I asked these questions to myself again and again, but myself inside me was shocked, didn’t have any answer.

Now the game has been changed…

The Right Guy who was fucking her pussy is now fucking her mouth and the Left Guy who was fucking her mouth is now licking her pussy!

While fucking Blonde’s mouth, the Right Guy leaned forward, grabbed her bouncing boobs and started to knead.  The blonde was sucking and licking Right Guy’s dick so vigorously, as if she was desperate to have another spurt of hot juice.

And the moment came…

The Right Guy closed his eyes, breathed deep down to his guts and exhaled.

He started coming….

The blonde took his dick out of her mouth, started catching every drop on her cum- smeared face and into mouth so desperately as if they were the drops of nectar,  the fluid, the flow of immortality. She was taking it with so much of contention and pride as if it is the ultimate goal of life.

Finally it was over….

The left Guy stopped sucking and licking her pussy and got up.

She – with her face smeared with cum – swallowing cum with pride – straightened herself up. Then grabbing the hands of both of the guys, she raised them as if they have won the war!!!

The Left Guy and The Right Guy  had their trousers still down and white drops were oozing from their dicks.

The hall filled with claps and screams. The people congregated around them raised their hands and started to dance as if they were the part of the war.

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Believe me, this was dirties scene, I ever have seen in my life.

Usually, people create something and celebrate – people achieve something and celebrate… These ass fucks,  in New York Sex Party,  fill their mouth with cum and celebrate… It seemed to me that these preposterous are sullying the reputation of America. I don’t see any hope for this country!!!

I believe that sex is a private act and it should remain private among the people who participate in it.

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Looking at the blonde’s cum smeared dirty face, my gut started to churn… My stomach felt like something is inside pushing it out… I was feeling nauseated.

I had taken a large glass of wine not to drink but to throw up in the glass, if needed.

Witnessing the dirty side of sex, I experienced an utter lack of feeling in my groin. I tried to think and feel different aspect of wild sex that I had before. But it didn’t work. My dick was not getting life, which made me shocked and shuddered.

Holding a glass of wine in my hand, gazing at blank, I was standing in New York Sex Party, an elite class orgy. I wanted to get out of here as I felt the people around me were getting out of focus.

Before I lose my conscious, even without bothering to pick Chelsea up, I came out of New York Sex Party and got the cab to home.

It made me think: The outcome was really weird. Without sex, life doesn’t exist and life also doesn’t exist even with too much of sex! One thing I learned – Anything and everything in life should be in moderation.

At home, the first thing I did was emptied my stomach by inserting fingers into my mouth. After couple of throws, I felt a bit relieved.

Again, I recollected all those fucks that I had with all those beautiful chicks, but in vain, I felt myself empty – I didn’t get hard on.

And… I don’t know how long it will take to get back on the track and fuck the horny chicks at full throttle!

Friends, I know It’s gonna take little time…  but you guys keep on fucking and getting fucked…