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These Seductive Quotes Are So Provocative That You Will Get Instant Hard On

Seductive Quotes!

Seductive Quotes… It is said that love is life. However, it may be partly true. The fact is that love is not life, but love with SEX is life. Love, without sex is meaningless! So life without sex is empty.

Sex is the emotion that makes you fall in love with someone. Sex is the emotion that helps you remain in love with someone. And sex is the only emotion that gives you the ultimate joy of life.

In fact, the whole world revolves around sex.

And I would like to say that life doesn’t exist without sex.

So let’s have look at some of the sexy and seductive quotes that can give you instant hard on.

(Hotness Alert: Make sure you read these sexy and seductive quotes with your partner or else you may have to masturbate!)

1.  The Thing That Is Between Your Legs Belongs To Me –

That dick or pussy is mine

the thing that is between your legs belongs to me

2.  I Have Got Delicious Pussy –

Oral sex is the best sex in the world!

I have got delicious pussy

3.  I Love It When Your Tongue Dances On My Wet Floor!

Tongue dancing can get you high

I love when your tongue dances on my wet floor

4.  God Is Extremely Talented Designer

Because God is designing extremely fuckable bodies

God is extremely talented designer

5.  Pussy: Dick’s Favorite Holiday Destination

Dick always wants hugs from pussy

Pussy: Dick’s favorite holiday destination

6.  Thank you, Last Night You Made My Pussy Happy! 

He pounded her very hard

Thank you, Last Night You Made My Pussy Happy!

7.  My Mouth Is Craving Your Banana!

She is desperately looking for a big dick to suck and lick

My Mouth Is Craving Your Banana!

8.  If You Are Hungry At Night – Eat Pussy

Pussy is one of the most delicious snacks

If You Are Hungry At Night - Eat Pussy

9.  Aroused By Spring, They Are Soft As Cream…

You feel tingle between your legs

Aroused by spring, they are soft as cream

10.  Fuck Off, I Wear Hills Bigger Than Your Dick

This is call an attitude of a woman!

Fuck Off, I wear Hills Bigger Than Your Dick

Hope you’ve got hard on!

And Now If you’re going to have sex, please use a condom.