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Sorry Baby, I’m Not Gonna Eat Your Ass!

Things you need to know about anal sex.

My dick was exhausted.

Because, last week-end, I had fucked three different women, first one on Friday night, second one on Saturday night, and third one on whole Sunday. Generally, I don’t fuck on Sunday. But she was so fuckable that in spite of being so tired, my dick couldn’t refuse.

Now, this was a long week-end. I had days off on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. To give my exhausted dick a complete rest, I decided to remain at home.

Since last two days, in the comfort of my home, I was reading books.

The last one that I read was John Green’s “The Fault In Our Stars”. The story was so poignant that it made me sad and sorrowful. I wanted to get out of that melancholy, change the swing of my mood, state of my feelings, tone of my spirit, and obviously looking for breezes of fresh air.

And so I got out of my apartment building and crossed the road. While walking down the street on the pavement, all of a sudden I got my glance stuck to my building and I halted.

I watched – from across the street, my seven storied red bricks building, The Town, looked magnificently beautiful.  It reminded me of good memories associated with it. I felt myself fortunate that I own a one bedroom apartment in this building, and that too fully paid. I realized, the money that I had received by stroke of good luck has been invested wisely at right place. For a lonely person like me, being an owner of a fully paid apartment is a matter of pride.

A contented smile surfaced on my face.

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Then, while heading forward on the pavement, all of a sudden, I ran into a woman, who just had emerged out of the gate of her building and moving along the street.

“Oh, I’m sorry….” Both of us, composing ourselves, said at the same time.

I saw – she was constantly gazing at me.

She, in her thirties, looked so hot that I felt like fucking her in doggy style right now and right here – 

As few moments passed…

“You are really hot…” She finally broke the silence.

Yes, in spite of being exhausted, my dick inside my trouser started getting life.   

“If you think I am really hot… ” I dared to be direct, as I didn’t want to waste time in lengthy conversation:- “then let’s go and fuck…”

Eyeing at me –  she, twisting her lips, smiled mischievously, rather lecherously.

“Sure, let’s go and fuck…” She seemed to be getting wild.

I hadn’t expected but I liked her response, direct – on the dot! Perhaps, we had similar outlook, similar mind-set, and similar approach to one situation. We seemed to be like minded.

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After half an hour, in a hotel room, we had been standing completely naked in front of each other. My lustful eyes were gazing at her erect nipples and she was playing with my almost hard dick.

“Wow, you’ve gotta solid dick… ” She – holding my dick – said ardently: – “But, you know, rather than a dick, I am a big fan of an ass… let me have a look at yours… ”

Holding my dick in one hand, she swerved around me, peeked at my back, examined by squeezing, and all of sudden smacked my butts teasingly.

The slap was so  hard that the wave of slight sting ran through my body.

This wasn’t appropriate, as I never expected this. I realized I was trapped with this woman.  

She took my hand, led me to the bed, and playfully pushed me onto the mattress. I fell on my back.

She was being wild. Her lecherous eyes manifesting she had something in her mind that definitely didn’t seem right!

She, kneeling on the bed, hovered over me. Her right palm slid from my thigh to upward… Along with her hand, she moved her lustful gaze from my face to my dick… and then she turned and moved towards my legs… in a moment, I felt my dick in her mouth… slowly she wrapped her legs around my chest in such a way that her butts were jutted in my face. My nostrils sniffed the smell of her pussy which made me intoxicated.

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After few tight deep throats – as she tugged on my testicles, tingly sensation ran through my spine and then she started licking my balls… At the same time, she budged her ass and neared her pussy to my mouth.  Being helpless, closing my eyes in stupor, I sniffed the sweet smell and couldn’t stop my tongue caressing wet lips of her pussy.

“Oh-h-h-h-h-h…” She moaned through nostril, as her mouth was filled up with my dick.

But somehow, I didn’t feel her moan genuine, as it didn’t have that passionate resonance of oomph.

Licking my balls, her tongue slid little down, deeper…

At the same time, as she budged her ass again and neared her asshole in front of my mouth, the odor of feces hit my nostril. I had to stop breathing.

In between my legs, her tongue was reaching and entering into my asshole…

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What the fuck? Is this what she is looking for! She wants to eat my ass and she wants me to eat her ass!!!

“Take it baby, take it… I’m taking yours…” She said commandingly. Her tongue was trying to fuck my ass.

“Hey, hold on…” I released my breath and said infuriatingly.

From her mouth and hand, she released my dick,  pulled herself from me, and straightened up on the bed… I slid myself upward on the mattress until my back touched the headboard.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I was furious.

“If you don’t know, let me tell you it’s called anal sex…”She seemed to be very normal:- “I am eating your ass, and I want you to eat my ass… “

“So sorry… I don’t eat ass…” I said scornfully.

“Why?” She blurted out.

“’Cose, I don’t do Anal Sex…” I replied adamantly.

“But why?” She was getting frustrated.

“’Cose I don’t like…”

“Why you don’t like… “Her frustration was mounting.

“Cose anal sex is too dirty… “I said it with disdain: -“I can’t eat your shit…”

“Oh come on, man…you…” She was angry.

“Stop it…”I didn’t let her continue. I warned her:- “I don’t want to argue on this topic anymore… ”

She was left irritated.

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The excitement was fizzled out… My hard dick got flaccid.

“Sorry baby, anal sex is not really my cup of tea… I am not gonna eat your ass…” Hopping out of the bed, I said firmly… Then I picked my clothes up off the floor, and went straight to bathroom

In a way, sex is dirty! 

In spite of being dirty, we literally crave to indulge in sex, whether it is traditional sex or oral sex.

However, it seems that people are tired of traditional sex and oral sex. They want more excitement, more thrills, and more pleasure. And that’s the reason they are trying different avenues such as anal sex.

Traditional sex is natural. Oral sex is not harmful and even if it is sometime, it can be fixed. But anal sex is too dirty, too dangerous, and can’t be fixed.

Anal sex! The tongue in the bum! What the fuck! The thought itself makes me vomit. I fucking don’t understand, for some people, why that hole is so appealing from where the poop comes out! And the fact – no matter how much we clean, poop is always there and will always be there. Honestly, I don’t want anybody’s poop either on my dick or inside my mouth. I am not into Anal Sex. Fuck You! Period.

Ten minutes later, I came out of the bathroom.

She was naked, curled up on the corner of the bed, hiding her face between her two knees.

I went to her, held her shoulder. She looked up, I held her hand, and placed the room key on her palm. She was gazing at me – surprised – confused – frustrated – and annoyed! I looked into her eyes pathetically, patted her shoulder, and then headed for the door.

“Fuck you, you mother fucker!”

I heard her scream while I was leaving and the door was being closed.

I smiled – like I said myself: – “Don’t give a fuck…. ”

Friends, people have gone insane… but you you guys never get into fucking that anal sex… you just keep on fucking and getting fucked…

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